Tourism in Rouen

Classed by UNESCO Rouen is a medieval town along the river Seine. It is a venue that cannot be ignored in the history of impressionist painting (come and admire Monet’s famous “cathedrals” at the Arts Museum!), French literature (Flaubert, Corneille, Maupassant), architecture (‘What a cathedral!’)… and Anglo-French relations (Joan of Arc is still haunting the ‘Place du vieux marché’!)

Rouen is also an ideal place for shopping and you can chose between the little boutiques of the historical centre or the impressive and brand new shopping centre ‘Docks 76’ on the bank of the river Seine .

The town is full of good restaurants serving specialities from Normandy.

Much more information on this dynamic and attractive city can be found on the web page of Rouen’s Tourist Information Centre.